12 Simple Ayurvedic Tips during Pregnancy

Ayurvedic Pregnancy Tips

Ancient ayurveda offers many solutions to everyday life. If you follow the tips offered by experts, it is possible to enhance your health. There are tips which can be followed during the pregnancy so that safe confinement can be expected. Even though there will be advices from different corners, you should follow proven advices given by experts so that there will be no harm to the mother as well as the baby.

By following the specific recommendations, a balance can be achieved in body, mind, spirit, behavior, consciousness and environment of the pregnant woman.  The health of the mother should never be compromised. When the mother takes care of her health, she will take care of the health of the baby automatically. As Vedic medicine recognizes the new born baby as a divine creature, there should not be any compromise in the capacity to grow or capacity for perfection.

1. Nourishment of senses

The smell that you breath, the news that you hear, the feeling that you get through touch and the taste that you get through food should be nourishing. It should nourish both baby and mother. To accomplish this, you can watch interesting videos and movies. By keeping scented candles or fragrant flowers, it is possible to bring freshness in the room. Light instrumentation will sooth your mind. Fresh cooked and tasty food should be taken so that there will be nutrient to baby as well as mother.

2. Ayurvedic oil massage

Ayurvedic oil massage which is also called as Abhyanga should be done on daily basis. If the massage is done on daily basis, there will be great relaxation for pregnant lady. Through massage, the mother will get required energy and it will keep her in balanced state. The anxiety, stress and exhaustion will be relieved which is also called as vata dosha. The purpose of the massage is to keep the mother in a happy mode so that the baby will also be happy.
The sensory nervous system will become calm when you are exposed to herbal oils. The massage can be done by yourself or you can take the help of your partner. Massages should not last till 5th month. Abdominal massages are suggested during 8th and 9th months. Nipple massage also can be done during these months so that they will be prepared for breastfeeding very easily.

3. Feed 3 different tastes

You should ensure 3 different tastes i.e., bitter, sweet and salt are present in the food. Carrot, sweet potato, potato and cooked beans are sweet foods. These foods can be taken if the mother is not having gestational diabetes. Sour and salty foods should be offered as per the need. Under all circumstances spicy foods should be avoided.

Ayurvedic Diet for Pregnancy4. Balanced diet

Pregnant ladies should take balanced diet so that all kinds of nutrients will be supplied to your body. The balanced diet should be part of the implementation of a healthy lifestyle. These factors will ensure that there will be harmonious growth and development of the mother as well as baby inside the womb.

5. Regimen during pregnancy

The regimen during pregnancy which is also called as Garbhini Paricharya should be followed so that the chances of safe confinement are enhanced. The regimen should be followed as soon as the pregnancy is confirmed. Spiritual books should be read on daily basis. Pregnant ladies should not sleep during the day time. Papaya and pineapple should be avoided during the pregnancy.

6. Garbha Sanskar

Through Garbha Sanskar, you will ensure that good habits are delivered to the baby when the baby is still in the womb (Garbha).  Through music, talks and guided imagery, it is possible train the baby while it is still inside the womb. The mother should be in a calm state of mind and should perform meditation or other religious practices so that there will not be any scope for anxiety.

Happy Pregnancy
7. Happiness

If the mother is happy during the pregnancy period, the baby will also be happy. The growth and development of the baby will be influenced by the happiness of the mother. Hence, the family members should cooperate with her so that she will be in happy mood always. If mothers are under stress, they are prone to deliver low birth weight babies.

8. Take Sattvic foods

As per Vedic foods, it is recommended to take sattvic foods. There are foods which are cooked fresh and taken in direct form. You should take easily digestible foods. The tissues of the mother and the child will be nourished in this process. Some of the food items which come under this category include milk, rice, ghee, wheat, vegetables, fruits and grains.

There will not be any issue of constipation or indigestion when you take sattvik food items. They will have influence on your mind as well. The mother will have great health and vitality by taking sattvik foods. In order to balance food cravings, Apple, Mango and Peach chutneys can be consumed. In order to balance emotions during the day time, vata tea (worry-free tea) can be sipped.

9.	Transcendental Meditation 9. Transcendental Meditation technique

The technique will have profound impact on mothers. It is possible to reduce stress in pregnant ladies by following Transcendental Meditation technique. All kinds of doshas will be well balanced through the implementation of the technique. The pregnant lady will have deep rest. When the nervous system is well balanced, the baby will be brought up in a healthy and happy way.

If the mother is not in a calm and rested situation, there will be great discomfort in the baby growth. In some cases, the child will be overly active as well. There is possibility for the development of other complications such as fluid retention, high blood pressure and spotting.

10. Treat morning sickness

Morning sickness should be treated in a very careful way. It is the most common issue in any pregnant lady. It can last for few weeks to few months. However, the nausea will be felt at any time. The following tips can be fallowed to overcome the same.

Instead of keeping stomach empty, snacks can be taken so that nausea can be avoided. Cardamom powder can be taken during the day. By grinding two cloves with a tea spoon of honey, paste can be prepared. This will give instant relief from morning sickness. Tea from ginger powder can be prepared. You can sip during the day. To get great relief, mint leaves can be boiled and the smell can be inhaled. To sooth the stomach, salted potato chips can be taken. To ease sick feeling, early morning walk is also suggested.

Happy Pregnant Women11. Get emotional support

You should get lot of emotional support during the pregnancy days. Negative emotions such as sorrow, grief, fear and anger should not be harbored during pregnancy. These will have an impact on the growing fetus. You should avoid unhappy and violent actions during the pregnancy. If you remain with close friends, it is possible to manage great mental peace and it will have great impact on the health of the fetus.

12. Support your cravings

Your natural cravings should be supported. By taking balanced diet, you can ensure that proteins and starch is present in the food so that nutrition as well as digestive system will work properly. Uncooked, undercooked, artificial food items and spicy foods can be avoided.

If you take care during your pregnancy your pregnancy will be more enjoying rather worrying, also  you can look for post pregnancy care to help your baby grow here are best 10 Ayurvedic Diet for Lactating Mothers to Help Increase Milk to help you and your baby stay healthly and grow. Happy pregnancy. 🙂