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10 Ayurvedic Diet for Lactating Mothers to Help Increase Milk

Lactating Mother

There is profound impact on children when they are breast fed. Hence, special emphasis is laid on breastfeeding in ‘Ayurveda’. Through breastfeeding, the love and affection will be very much enhanced. When you opt for breast milk, you should take steps so that there will be steady flow of milk. There are certain kinds of

7 Yummy and Healthy Ayurvedic Diet Recipe

Yummy Ayurvedic Receipe

A diet is simply a systematic way of taking the food, when it comes to diet it is not necessarily for any disease or illness like weight loss, diabetic or anything. Diet in a simple term is a systemically taking food which includes nutrition rich food, taking in right time and at right stage. Ayurveda

The 4 Basic Ayurvedic Diet Tips

Eating in Rush

Healthy living as per ayurveda is all about balance, according to ayurveda our body is made up with 3 constitutions which is typically called as ayurvedic body types. These 3 constitutes are “vata”,”pitta” and “kapha”. Any sort of imbalance in these energies/ constitutes will result in illness or problems associated with those 3 energies. With

Creating Ayurvedic Diet Plans

Ayurveda is the practice of holistic health that uses Ayurvedic diets to help promote optimum physical, spiritual and emotional wellness. Just like any other diet plan, there are several important things to consider especially when you are preparing a diet plan to treat illnesses and health conditions like an Ayurvedic diet for psoriasis or an

Ayurvedic Diet Recipes

An Ayurvedic diet is very important when you practice Ayurveda. It is believed that the human body improves its balance and returns to its healthy state when we develop a special relationship with the different forces that affects us including our relationship with food. With the use of Ayurvedic diets, you can start reducing unwanted