Hi, I am Raghu 35 years old and live in Bangalore, India. I have been providing website designing, development, maintenance and content writing services since 1999.

You might be surprised how come a website guy could write about Ayurveda? Yes, you are probably thinking right. But let me tell you that I am passionate about Ayurveda no doubt I do not have any professional qualification about Ayurveda but I do know much about Ayurveda as I did worked in Ayurvedic Manufacturing Unit before I begin my career as Website Consultant.

My passion has turned to be this blog, what made me to launch this website? Some time ago, I was searching for some information with regard to Ayurveda online and while I found many website, I found most of them are just copy paste of different products and other materials, apart from that every information and article was just the same. This made me how can people know about Ayurveda and how this differs from others and what are herbs we say and is there any medical evidence for them. I did not found any website which gives these information, so I thought to write about this to the extent I know and give a useful website to those who seek information and not the product or consultation itself.

This inspired me to develop this website and I launched this website, I have been providing the best possible information about Ayurveda, Ayurveda Herbs and how Ayurveda can benefit your daily life. The website will contain all information which is absolutely free to look for and refer.

However, please note that I do not recommend nor I ask you to buy anything as I am not professional doctor I do not do the same. All the information written here is been backed up by ancient scripts and texts, so the information found here is complete and safe to refer for.

If however, you need any help in regard to look for good Ayurveda Doctor then you can please shoot me a email and I will write back to you with my best assistance to find the best Doctor for you.

Hope you will enjoy the blog.