5 Simple Tips for Hair Care in Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Hair Care

We all know that hair is an important part in our body; also hair is an essential component to enhance your beauty. When your hairs are strong, shining and long then you will look much beautiful than when you have damaged hair. Every one wants strong, thick and beautiful hairs, but to have beautiful and strong hair one must take care of hairs properly to make them strong and beautiful.

Ayurveda which is a century old holistic health system has its own stand and approach to hair care, accordingly ayurveda simply applying external applications like hair oil, shampoo, and conditioner is not just enough to take care of your hairs and help them to grow much stronger and healthier. Rather ayurveda gives much importance to inner wellness which in turn helps to boost overall health including hair and scalp.

Here you will learn about 5 very simple tips according to ayurveda which is beneficial for your hairs, follow these along with any good ayurvedic herbal hair oil and gentle shampoo will definitely help you have control your hair fall, grow hair much stronger and healthier.

1) Have Nutrition rich Diet:

Having dietary habits rich in nutrient is not only essential for body but even for hairs. As per ayurveda some food do benefit hairs while some damage, have good amount of nutrient rich diet for hairs like coconuts, green leafy vegetables, milk, yogurt, sprouted beans, whole grain and nuts. Just stop intake of tobacco and its supplements, nicotine and alcoholic drinks.

2) Regular cleansing of hairs and scalp:

As we expose to dust, pollution in our day to day activity, it is very essential to take due cleansing of hairs and scalp regularly. Massage your scalp at lest twice or thrice in a week with coconut or sesame oil infused with herbs like Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), Bhringaraj (Eclipta alba) or Japa (Hibiscus), this helps maintain the color and luster of hair. Cleanse with any gentle herbal based shampoo or soft home made herbal based shampoo. Trim hair regularly to take care of split ends and natural wear and tear. To get extra shine, just squeeze half piece of lemon mix with warm water and wash your hair.

3) Have a good sound sleep:

Sleeping plays very vital role in maintain our health so as to maintain scalp and hairs as well. Ayurveda suggest for “early to bed early rise”, proper sleep will control pitta typically known to impact more on head so when you sleep enough you will have good circulation system which in turn makes you calm and relax. Lack of sound sleep will disturb your attitude and have an impact on hairs by weakening them which will eventually lead to damage and hair fall.

4) Stress level and hair care

As per ayurveda when we are stressed due to fierce competition and fear a kind of emotional mental imbalance takes place which will lead to excessive hair fall, premature graying and damaged hairs. Ayurveda highly recommends for better stress management which not only helps hair fall but enhances over all health. You can manage stress easily with age old system like yoga, meditation and also with certain ayurvedic herbs as well. Ayurvedic herbs like aswagandha, brahmi helps to enhance the natural ability to manage stress.

5) Be soft on your hairs

Many times we comb hair too roughly, just try to avoid combing hairs roughly and avoid comb when wet. Hairs when wet have more chance to fall, just dry your hair naturally and then comb softly. Don’t use hair dryer as it may lead to damage hair, our body system has its own functions to get hair dry naturally.

Hair Care in Ayurveda

Some of the useful ayurvedic herbs for hairs:

Amla (Indian Gooseberry) – promotes hair growth, prevents hair loss, helps reduce premature graying of the hair, soothes and tones the scalp

Brahmi – promotes hair growth, strengthens the roots, improves thickness, darkens the hair

Shikakai and Aritha (Soapnuts) – strengthens hair roots, clears dandruff and scalp infections, cleanses the hair and scalp, cooling to the scalp

Bhringaraj (means King of Hair) – also known as Maka – helps prevent premature graying, improves strength and promotes growth.

There are plenty of ayurvedic herbal hair oils in the market; you can get the herbal hair oils blend with combination of these herbs from any ayurvedic store.