12 Amazing Health Benefits of Grapes and Raisins

Women with Grapes

Grapes and Raisins (dried form of grapes) have always been emphasized by those who know Ayurveda. According to health experts, especially those who deal with Ayurveda, grapes are the best fruits among all when it comes to health benefits.
Grapes are available in various colors and varieties around the world. This is one fruit that will be available everywhere and has numerous health benefits. They are used in case of constipation, fever, acidosis, sexual dysfunctions and even acidosis. Apart from these there are other benefits of grapes as well.

Grapes in dried form are known as raisins. Although fresh grapes are also healthy but these raisins are power packed with nutrition. They are always a part of high energy food supplements and this says a lot about these raisins. Raisins are made when grapes are dried in either a drier or under the sun. Once dried these raisins turn into golden, black or green in color but keep the nutritional value of the grapes intact. Ayurveda believes grapes are the best fruits among all others and for right reasons.

Let’s discuss each health benefit of grapes and raisins in detail so that we know accurately how to consume them to cure the problem.

  1. Help in healthy weight gain – Grapes, especially raisins are a very good way to increase weight gain naturally. Those who are underweight will know how difficult it is to gain weight without increasing cholesterol level in our body. These raisins contain glucose and fructose along with energy. This is the reason why raisins form an integral part of the diet of body builders and other sport persons. They are rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids that help in better absorption of proteins in our body. If you want to increase your weight in a healthy manner, raisins are a great way to do so.Raisin Nutrition Facts
  2. Cures our Anemia – Another very common problem in today’s lifestyle, anemia can be cured with raisins to a great extent. Raisins contain iron to a large extent and therefore help to cure anemia. Not only that, they contain certain members of Vitamin B complex that are responsible for making new blood. The copper content in raisins is also high leading to formation of RBCs.
  3. Help relieve us in constipation – Constipation again is one of the modern trouble more due to the eating patterns in today’s times. However, raisins are still the age old method to cure this problem. The science behind this cure is that raisins are in their shrunken stage when ingested. However, once they reach inside our body, they swell up due to the fluids present in our body. This swelling up helps to add bulk to our food that in turns help in relieving us from constipation. Raisins however can also be used in absorbing liquid from loose stool which means it can be used both in constipation as well as diarrhea. What a great food this is!
  4. Take care of our eyes – Our eyes, as everybody knows, are very important for us and therefore it is necessary to take care of them. Especially in today’s times when our eyes have to deal with a lot more pollution and gadgets than before. Raisins contain antioxidant properties in form of polyphenolic phyto nutrients. These anti-oxidants help in dealing with weakening of eyes and other problems like cataract. Not only that, our super food, raisins are rich in carotene as well which helps in taking care of the health of our eyes.
  5. Help in preventing cancer – With time, we can notice that there has been a gradual increase in the cases of cancer in general. The polyphenolic phyto nutrients that helps our eyes can help in preventing cancer from our body as well. It is believed that these anti-oxidants present abundantly in raisins help the free radicals to stop acting in our body. They attack these free radicals that in turn might result in cancer. This is how, eating raisins in our diet we can prevent cancer from developing in our body. If you already have developed something the raisins will help slow down the process.
  6. Provides immunity to fever – The phenolic phytonutrients also help cure fevers in the body. These antioxidants have antibiotic properties and are germicidal as well. This is why they help your body fight with viruses and bacteria that might result in infections leading to fever.Raisins and Ayurveda
  7. Cure for hypertension – If you are suffering from high blood pressure, raisins are one of the best thing to take. Results from various research studies have proved what Ayurveda has been saying for a long time now. Although it’s not clear about how these raisins help in controlling the blood pressure but experts believe it has to do something with potassium and high fiber content in food. They reduce stiffness and thereby become a cure for hypertension.
  8. Cure for Acidosis – Whoever is suffering from it will know about acidosis and the trouble it causes. Acidosis occurs when blood in the body gets toxic. The toxicity can lead to various problems like boils and skin infections if they are mild. If this acidity level is high it may lead to damage to various organs as well. The magnesium and potassium in raisins come in handy here as well. They act as antacids and controls the pH level in the body. This is how we can take care of acidosis in the body.
  9. Helps in controlling diabetes – Various researches done on raisins prove that if a diabetic person intakes raisins after every meal they can help themselves by controlling the insulin level in their blood from rising. Especially if somebody is suffering from diabetes of major type raisins are the best cure for them. Raisin helps moderating the sugar absorption in turn keeping the sugar level at a stable rate.
  10. Keep your bones healthy – If experts are to be believed, raisins are the best food anybody can take for bone health. Not only are they rich in calcium which is the main element anybody needs for bones but they also contain Boron and Potassium, other two elements necessary for our joints and bones. Boron is a micro nutrient required in very less amount in our body but is very necessary to form proper bones. Similarly potassium is another nutrient essential for bone growth and strengthening specially for people going through menopause and have a danger of developing osteoporosis.
  11. Improve libido or your sexual functioning – This is for all men out there having problems related to erectile dysfunctions. The Arginine, an amino acid, present in raisins help you stimulate your libido thus increasing your ability to perform. Not only that, Arginine helps you improve the sperm count that in turn help with fertility issues which is very common in today’s lifestyle. A common practice in India to make bride and groom drink the milk boiled with raisins on the first day of marriage seem to hold importance here.
  12. Takes care of your teeth – Tooth decay, cavities and other dental problem have become very prominent in today’s times. This is also related to a large extent with our food habits. However, the age old cure of raisins can come in handy here as well. A phytochemical known as “Oleanolic acid” present in raisins help you protect your teeth from all these trouble to a large extent. This Oleanolic acid prevent the growth of bacteria in mouth that are responsible for cavities. Apart from that the calcium content in raisins help in maintaining healthy teeth for you.

Apart from them, there are various other benefits of raisins as well. They are high in energy and therefore provide instant energy when consumed. They are sweet in taste so you can easily include them in your diet and replace your dessert with them after meal.

Ayurveda believes, raisins provide immediate cure for various minor health problems that might occur on day to day basis. These include cough, cold, excessive thirst, asthma, bloating, bitter taste in tongue, dryness of mouth etc.

If research is to be believed and Ayurveda is to be followed, raisins or dried grapes consumed in any form in diet would be the best way to increase our immunity to health troubles. They take care of our health in every form and provide us energy as well. What a wonderful food they are!

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