Ancient Ayurvedic Panchakarma Treatment

Panchakarma is one of the most important part of ayuredic treatement. We all understand and our body constitutes with many toxins and with these increased toxins we expose to many deseases. It is obvious that if we could easily detoxity our body the we will be free from most of the illness. Ayurveda an ancient

Do you Know? Ayurvedic Herb Can even Heal Cancer?

Ayurvedic Cancer Treatmet

Yes the most ancient ayurveda a medicine system followed by ancient saints has the most powerful herbs and combination of herbs which can help human body to fight against many dangerous diseases. In recent times studies have proved that ayurvedic herbs has answers to many diseases like piles, diabetes, psoriasis. With this said, I would

What is Ayurveda?

Ancient Ayurveda

The human body is one with the entire universe; and like everything in the universe, we are born with a combination of natural elements. The “Five Elements”; Agni (fire), Akasa (sky), Jala (water), Prthvi (earth) and Vayu (Air), comprise everything that exist. All of these play an important role of who we are, what we

12 Simple Ayurvedic Tips during Pregnancy

Ayurvedic Pregnancy Tips

Ancient ayurveda offers many solutions to everyday life. If you follow the tips offered by experts, it is possible to enhance your health. There are tips which can be followed during the pregnancy so that safe confinement can be expected. Even though there will be advices from different corners, you should follow proven advices given

10 Ayurvedic Diet for Lactating Mothers to Help Increase Milk

Lactating Mother

There is profound impact on children when they are breast fed. Hence, special emphasis is laid on breastfeeding in ‘Ayurveda’. Through breastfeeding, the love and affection will be very much enhanced. When you opt for breast milk, you should take steps so that there will be steady flow of milk. There are certain kinds of

12 Amazing Health Benefits of Grapes and Raisins

Women with Grapes

Grapes and Raisins (dried form of grapes) have always been emphasized by those who know Ayurveda. According to health experts, especially those who deal with Ayurveda, grapes are the best fruits among all when it comes to health benefits. Grapes are available in various colors and varieties around the world. This is one fruit that

7 Yummy and Healthy Ayurvedic Diet Recipe

Yummy Ayurvedic Receipe

A diet is simply a systematic way of taking the food, when it comes to diet it is not necessarily for any disease or illness like weight loss, diabetic or anything. Diet in a simple term is a systemically taking food which includes nutrition rich food, taking in right time and at right stage. Ayurveda

5 Effective Ayurvedic Herbs and Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids (Piles)

Hemorrhoids or piles are a health condition where veins in the rectum and anus get swelling and inflamed. It typically result in obstruct to move stool from the body, some times while moving stools one may feel a severe pain and bleeding. Bleeding is a real concern and most of the patients gets exhausted with

2 Best Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Weight Loss

The most discussed searched and queried health issue in the present era is weight loss, while there are many top brands weight loss products, supplements and so called pills are available each of these have serious adverse effects. People are hence looking for effective but at the same time safe weight loss way, to help

5 Simple Tips for Hair Care in Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Hair Care

We all know that hair is an important part in our body; also hair is an essential component to enhance your beauty. When your hairs are strong, shining and long then you will look much beautiful than when you have damaged hair. Every one wants strong, thick and beautiful hairs, but to have beautiful and